Monday, February 15, 2010

Introducing Brothers Who Like Sports

Matthew and I are brothers.  Matthew and I like sports.  Put it together and you get brothers who like sports.

Incidentally we also like writing and arguing.  So what could be a more natural product of all of this than a blog?  Hopefully you'll enjoy talking/arguing about sports with us.

I'll put it on the sidebar, but I should warn you ahead of time: Matthew and I have the following sports allegiances, so you can count on us being biased:

Andrew, in order of commitment level:
  • MLB: The Dodgers
  • NFL: The Seahawks
  • NBA: The Lakers
  • NCAA Football: USC
  • NHL: Seriously, who cares?
Matthew, in order of commitment level:
  • NFL: The Packers
  • MLB: The Dodgers
  • Do any other sports teams exist?
We'll talk about other sports as well, of course, but we just thought you should know from the beginning!

In any case, we hope you enjoy BWLS and welcome input of all kinds.

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