Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Grades, Warnings, and other topics of Importance

Alright, I promise this will be the last football post for a while. Not that it's very difficult to not write when nothing will happen until preseason, but let's pretend I'm putting effort into this. I'd like to share my Top 5 Drafts, as well as a grade on the Packer's Draft.

Top 5 Drafts (Trades included):

Detroit Lions: Seriously, they did absolutely nothing wrong, except maybe reach on Best, but it was a big need. Matthew Stafford is surrounded by new weapons Nate Burleson (who should also make Calvin Johnson a bit better) and Tony Scheffler. Also, there's this guy named Suh, maybe you've heard of him?

Seattle Seahawks: Sorry bro, they're number 2. Similar to the Lions, they drafted very well, maybe even a little better, I just think they didn't do enough with their trades (Charlie Whitehurst?)

Oakland Raiders: You heard me! I'm even keeping them on the same scale as everyone else! They made no mistakes with their first two picks (Rolando McLain and Lamarr Houston make their middle much scarier) and got the right projects in the later rounds (such as Bruce Campbell, who everyone thought was going to go 8th Overall to them). Also, they got a Quarterback (gasp!) for their 4th round pick in Jason Campbell. Props to Al Davis on that one.

Baltimore Ravens: Preferred First Round Choice snagged right before you? No Problem! We'll just trade down and get 2 First-Round-Caliber players instead! Excellent job as always by Ozzie Newsome. Getting Sergio Kindle (who I wanted the Packers to take 23rd Overall) and Terrence Cody was outstanding for the Ravens, and Anquan Boldin was traded for as well. This team looks pretty scary on paper.

New York Jets: They didn't need to improve a whole lot, so they went for depth, and they replaced the Old with the Young. Getting Kyle Wilson at 29th Overall was a huge steal, and where on most teams he'd be a No.2 CB, he's a No.3 on the Jets. Vladimir Ducasse was a great pick as a Guard in the Second Round, and he's the replacement for Alan Faneca, who believe it or not, was not only released, but also the worst member of that line. Ducasse can run block (who would've guessed?) really well, and is a great pick for that team. Also, getting Santonio Holmes makes that offense look really good.

My grade for the Packers Draft: B
Getting Bryan Bulaga at 23 was a huge steal, probably the biggest ones of the draft. The 2 DE's picked are not sexy picks, but they're smart picks by Ted Thompson, same with the Safety Morgan Burnett. RB James Starks is a solid pick and will do his job as a backup RB. They got an LT project which isn't bad, but it's a bit unnecessary after landing Bulaga. TE Andrew Quarless is potentially another Jermichael Finley, although probably more like a replacement for Donald Lee. Solid No.2 TE option. Notice a theme here? The Packers landed Bulaga, who they needed badly, and then filled out the Roster with depth. Smart, not sexy. I was pretty angry at the lack of OLB or CB drafted, but then I realized there are 4 CB's returning from injury, and that Brad Jones did well, and has always been a project. Projects that do a good job generally do a better job with some experience under their belts.

Thought this was worth mentioning also. Yahoo! is reporting that the Raiders are seriously considering cutting JaMarcus (Jawalrus?) Russell. If they do that, then Al Davis has done three good things for his team in one offseason, and get this: nothing bad! I wonder if the Mayans had that on their calender....

Yeah, that's all I got. Because I'm done talking about Football until something important happens, (generally not until the Pre-season, if then) I think I must leave you with one thing: 18-1

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