Friday, July 9, 2010

Lebron Watch 2010, Pt. 3 - It's Finally Over!

Well that's how good Kobe looks right now compared to Lebron, he makes the color spectrum radiate from a Basketball. I don't particularly like the Lakers or Kobe, and I think every Lakers fan who can't admit that Kobe milked his free-agency way back when, but is angry at Lebron for making his 1 hour special about his choice is in idiot. Regardless though, thank your deity (or whatever) that it's over. I didn't even mind "The Descision" so much as I hated the constant 24/7 coverage by everyone, sports news or not. I actually feel bad for Lebron, because he's getting unprecedented and unnecessary amounts of hate for this.

In the end though that was worse than Favrewatch. Yes, Lebron-a-thon was worse than Favrewatch!!!

But I need to go over a couple things though. Let me preface my thoughts by saying that I consider myself a Basketball outsider. I don't really enjoy the sport (at least not at the NBA level), people who talk to me often know that I often call it a "Non-contact Contact sport". I also hate Refs, but that's for another blog. I don't have a team that I follow, I don't really understand the intricacies of the sport, at least not like I do with Football, Baseball, and even Soccer now.

1. Lebron doesn't owe C(leave)land anything:
Andrew touched on this, but I'd like to make my own point that may or may not coincide with what he said. Lebron doesn't owe Cleaveland anything, he made the team relevant again. Almost as importantly, he gave the Anti-Laker bandwagon a team to cheer for. Yes I realize he was born in Akron, and that he's the local kid, but Lebron's goal is to win. In fact, I think he is less selfish to go to Miami and take less money than to stay with Cleaveland. He is taking less money because Miami can't pay him as much, and because he's gonna have to take a cut if he wants to be able to field a decent team. The point is though, the owner is far more "classless" than Lebron if he's calling the kid (Yes, Kid! Lebron is freakin' 25 years old!) out for leaving. That owner should know better than anyone else that the NBA is a business, and Lebron is seaking the best oppurtunity.

2. Cleavland Fans will be able to cope with this:
Take it from a Packer fan who had to watch the greatest Packer of all time (See: Favre, Brett) leave his team for his freaking rival! Cavs fans will get over this. Especially because you still have a decent team, and because there are so many games in Basketball, there is a real chance you beat him this year. I don't know that feeling yet, but I can guess that it's a great feeling.

3. The Heat are now the team to beat:
I'm not going to bet against Pat Riley finding some cheap role players to fill out this roster. And I'm also not betting against him to convince 3 rich Basketball players with a very real chance to create a true dynasty to take a pay cut in order to get these role players. And let's be honest here, they have 2 Top 5-7 players, and Chris Bosh is probably Top 15. And he's the number 3 player on this roster. Get a Big Center and a Point Guard who can distribute the ball, and you've got yourself a team. You still have to draw up a defensive scheme that can feasibly cover Lebron and Dwayne Wade at the same time.

4. Chemistry will not be an issue:
I don't believe Lebron and Dwayne Wade are both short-sighted enough to ball-hog for very long. And again, Pat Riley will shut them up if he needs to. One of them won't mind being the leader of that team, and I'm betting on Wade because it's already Wade County, whereas if they had went to Cleveland, Lebron would have taken the spotlight because it's his court, or whatever. But seriously, Lebron and D-Wade will figure out a way to make sure that chemistry isn't an issue, because simply, winning is too important for them not to.

Well that's all I got for now. More rants to come when I think of them I'm sure. At least Basketball can (finally) fade back into obscurity instead of pretending it's more important or fun to watch than Baseball.

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