Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Darelle Revis needs to get over himself.

Just to remind every Jest fan who the Defensive Player of the Year was.

Anyway. Anyone who's been following football this summer/preseason (Yes I love football and have no life, get over it) has probably heard that Darelle Revis, the best cornerback in the league, did not a contract massive enough for his ego, and wants a new one. He reportedly turned down a 10 year, $120 Million contract, because he wants to be paid like the best CB in the league (that being Nnamdi Asomugha of the Raiders, who (surprise surprise) was overpaid by Al Davis). Asomugha earns $16 Million per year, so that's how much Revis wants. Makes sense right? Well here are some of the issues.

1. This isn't baseball. In a salary capped NFL, teams can't just spend as much money as they want. Just because Al Davis overpaid Asomugha, doesn't mean the Jest can afford to do the same with Revis. I mean seriously, turning down $120 Million dollars by saying it's not enough is just foolish. Also, Revis needs to remember that there is a possibility of a lockout next year meaning, no football. How does a football player get a job playing football if there is no football to play? I don't know. But getting paid $12 Million to sit on your butt waiting for the Owners and NFLPA to work something out sounds fine by me.

2. There's no guarantee that Revis plays like the best CB in the league for however long his contract runs. Sure, he probably deserves a raise from the 1 Million he's earning now, I'll give him that, but one good year does not make you a proven player, just look at Matt Forte. Now I know what you're thinking. Probably something like "But Matthew, he shut down all the best receivers of EVERY team he played, like Andre Johnson, Marques Colston, Randy Moss (Twice), Reggie Wayne, etc. Doesn't that make him proven?" And to that I say, no. Because he did not shut down every receiver he played every time he played them, so he's not proven. Unless you count staring at the back of Ted Ginn Jr.'s Jersey really hard (twice) as shutting down. Then I guess he shut him down. If he's excellent against every receiver he plays against again, pay the man his money. Just not a mega-contract.

One other thing I laugh at is how the Jest think they can win or even sustain a respectable defense without him too. He allowed them to blitz like maniacs because he could lock down one side of the field. If I were a player on the Jest, I'd hate the man. I'd probably be writing an angry blog post like this. If I were a Jest fan, I'd be even angrier. The dude just comes off as ridiculously selfish. Definitely not deserving of a ludicrous, Yankee-esque contract.

Now if he were to just leave the Jest and take his talents to Green Bay, Wisconsin....

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