Saturday, September 4, 2010

Projecting the season for the Green Bay Packers

Alright, pre-season is finally over, so I'm going to give the week-by-week prediction of each game on the Packer's schedule for this year. Now I'm not going to give the scores, because expecting teams to have all the same players throughout the year is foolish, but I think it is possible to judge the general strength of each team throughout the year. Unless they get New York Met/Boston Red Sox-itus (i.e., injuries everywhere).

Packers @ Philadelphia Eagles: Win
Buffalo Bills @ Green Bay: Win
Packers @ Chicago Bears: Win
Detroit Lions @ Green Bay: Win
Packers @ Washington Redskins: Win
Miami Dolphins @ Green Bay: Win
Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay: Win
Packers @ New York Jest: Loss
Dallas Cowboys @ Green Bay: Win
Bye: Win
Packers @ Minnesota Vikings: Loss
Packers @ Atlanta Falcons: Win
San Francisco 49'ers @ Green Bay: Win
Packers @ Detroit Lions: Win
Packers @ New England Patriots: Loss
New York Giants @ Green Bay: Loss
Chicago Bears @ Green Bay: Win

Final Record: 12-4

I think that one upset happens to every team, which is why I see the Giants winning, plus I like the Giants quite a bit. Should someone ask: "So why do they beat the Cowboys and lose the Giants?" I'd say it's because the Packers beat the Cowboys last year at Lambeau, and while the score was 17-7, the Cowboys were shut out until they scored in garbage time. Plus I think the media will make a big deal about it, causing Tony Romo to choke, something he's very good at. As for the Jest, I don't think the Packers will go into the bye week undefeated, and I don't really want them too either. The Jets are a team on the rise (although I think they're overrated), and it could very likely be one of those games where everything goes wrong. Lastly, the Patriots and the Packers will probably have a shootout, and no matter what I think of Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady is one of the most clutch QB's to ever play the game. It's not hard to be on the losing end of a game-winning 2 minute drill, especially with how easy the NFL has made it for Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers.

As for the playoffs, I think the Packers will make it to the NFC Championship Game, but I'm hesitant to call them a Super Bowl team. They will have the best offense in the NFL, and that alone should get them there. I think a 12-4 record also means a First Round Bye, because the NFC divisions are all very top heavy (expect for the NFC West, which is a huge joke), and being top heavy means that good teams beat up on each other. Looking at it that way, 12-4 is probably good enough for a First Round Bye for the Packers and Saints.

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