Monday, November 8, 2010

Why Yes I Am Still Here!

Well it's been way too long since I last wrote a post here. I 'd like to start by saying that basically sums up what I saw last night in the Packers - Cowboys game last night. By the end of the game, backup players like QB Matt Flynn were playing, Coach Mike McCarthy was doing everything he could to not run up the score, and they still scored in the 4th. Gotta love it when Dallas is terrible.

Except when, you know, ESPN and other sports networks cover it non-stop. I mean, of the 30 minutes they spent giving their initial reactions to the game, they spent only 5 (at most) talking about the Packers, and they spent the rest talking about what would happen to Wade Phillips. As it turns out, he got fired. Then, when it flipped to Chris Berman and Tom Jackson, they spent 15 minutes talking about Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings. I'd just like to make one point. Dallas has a record of 1-7. Minnesota has a record of 3-5. Both of those teams have played half a seasons worth of football, and combined, their record is 4-12. Why in the world is ESPN spending ridiculous amounts of time talking about two teams with a combined record that was worse than the record of the Buffalo Bills last year? Sure, Dallas is "America's Team", and Brett Favre is, well, Brett Favre, but still. As they love to say so much, C'mon Man!

More importantly though, as the Packers go into their bye week, I'm going to assess their Offense and Defense, and talk about other important things.

So for this post, I'll talk about their offense. There is a video on showing an guy playing Madden, and he scored a touchdown on a 90+ yard pass to Greg Jennings, who broke his leg as soon as he caught the ball. The video is filled with words that shouldn't be repeated, so I won't link it here, but needless to say, it's quite funny, and a decent comparison to the Packer's season so far. They have been hit with injuries everywhere (As I like to call it, New York Mets/Boston Red Sox-itus), but still stand at 6-3. Aaron Rodgers has not been the unstoppable force everyone thought he would be, but he certainly hasn't thrown any of the three losses away. Let me list the injuries though, and what they mean to the team:

RB Ryan Grant - 1200 yard runner last year, lost for the season in the first game of the year.
TE Jermichael Finley - Star Tight End in the making, who likely would have been among the best this year had he not been hurt.
WR Donald Driver - Consistent stud who acts as a security blanket for A-Rod.
TE Andrew Quarless - Rookie TE who was drafted because of a similar skill-set to Finley. He performed well in the two games he started.
RT Mark Tauscher - Solid RT, but loss didn't hurt that much because of strong play of Rookie Bryan Bulaga.

I'm pretty sure TE Donald Lee got hurt at some point too (so let's not make fun of GM Ted Thompson for carrying 4 TE's now). Suffice to say, there have been quite a lot of injuries to significant play makers. I think Grant's injury actually hurts the most, because he kept Defenses honest. Finley's injury hurts a lot too. In light of these injuries, the offense has been a lot more pass-happy, but in this new Passing-League, it's not the end of the world. Should Greg Jennings get injured though (knock on wood), all could be lost. The offense still has performed well, but it has become more of a short passing game, in which the ball is slowly moved down the field, with the occasional deep shot down the field. The Packers do have enough talent to make this work, and once Quarless gets back, they will have multiple weapons. And as much as Grants injury does hurt, his backup, RB Brandon Jackson is an average runner, but he is great in pass protection and the screen game. FB/RB John Kuhn isn't particularly good, but it's really fun to shout his name loud and fast, and I love how the fans yell "KUUUUUUUUUUUUHN" every time he runs.

Bottom line, should A-Rod throw anything like he did against Dallas, the Packers will be in every game they play.

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